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30-MINUTE WEBINAR: July 20, 2023 3:00 PM

Q&A With A Ridgeline Customer

Seizert Capital Partners will share what it's really like to move to Ridgeline and why they made the switch, in this upcoming 30-minute webinar with Ridgeline President Dave Blair and Head of Strategy Jack Lynch.

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Seizert Gets Ready For An Ambitious Future

You'll hear from David Collon, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manger, and Wendy Kunze, Portfolio Administrator, on how they sunset legacy systems, improved workflows, and future-proofed their firm: 

✔️ Moving Off 6+ Legacy Systems simplified collaborative workflows and dramatically reduced risk of human error.

✔️ One Unified Platform keeps all investment activity visibly updating in real time for their entire firm, across front, middle, and back office. 

✔️ Cloud-Native Technology delivers a continuously improving product to set them up for whatever comes next. 

Meet The Speakers

Ellipse 11

David Collon

Managing Partner
& Portfolio Manager
Seizert Capital Partners

Ellipse 7

Wendy Kunze

Portfolio Administrator
Seizert Capital Partners

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Dave Blair


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Jack Lynch

Head of Strategy